Gearbox Diagnostics in Gravesend, Kent

Gravesend Transmissions Services Ltd carries out accurate gearbox diagnostics in Gravesend, Kent. Our vehicle and car diagnostics experts are on hand to assist you without delay.

Modern Diagnostics

With the use of state-of-the-art technology diagnostic equipment and sophisticated technology, we carry out a full diagnostic service on all makes and types of gearboxes. From older manual gearboxes, to advanced modern transmissions, we perform the necessary checks to locate the source of the problem and recommend appropriate action.

Best-in-Class Equipment

We use dealer-spec software, as well as Launch Pro™, for diagnostics sets and reprogramming of modern transmissions. We offer specialist diagnostic services for many different types of vehicles. In doing so, we guarantee a personal service that's tailored completely to your car.


Mechanic Working on Transmission

British and Foreign Cars

Our experts are equipped to work on most British and foreign cars, including sports cars, supercars, and prestige cars. We also provide specialist transmission repairs for four-wheel drives, and repair and replace transfer boxes for four-wheel drives.

Additional Services

In addition to gearbox diagnostics, we're equipped to perform exceptional gearbox reconditioning services.

Contact us today, in Gravesend, Kent, to learn more about our vehicle and car diagnostics services.