Automatic Transmissions in Gravesend, Kent

Gravesend Transmissions Services Ltd specialises in the repair and maintenance of automatic transmissions in Gravesend, Kent. Our gearbox and auto transmission repairs are best-in-class.

Complex Automatic Gearboxes

Most modern-day automatic gearboxes are run by computers. These automatic gearboxes are complex. Should your gearbox stop working properly, it may be the computer that runs the transmission that is at fault.


Proven Professionals

With many years of experience and specific specialist knowledge, we can carry out a comprehensive fault finding service to locate the source of the problem and carry out full transmission repair services on-site.


Cars In The Shop

Keeping You on the Road

Automatic gearboxes are strong and effective when performing efficiently. Keep your automatic gearboxes in great shape with servicing, checks, and repairs carried out by our skilled technicians.


Guaranteed Workmanship

All work guaranteed. This offers you additional peace of mind. You benefit from quality automatic gearbox services carried out by trained engineers.


Knowledgeable Staff

As a member of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA), we have access to information on any transmission unit. This allows us to guarantee our high standards of workmanship on every unit.


Additional Services

In addition to skilled automatic transmission services, we provide specialised repair and reconditioning services for Power Shift, DSG, and Multitronic™ gearboxes.

Contact us today, in Gravesend, Kent, to arrange the auto transmission gearbox repairs we have to offer.